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The Department of Cultural Creativity and Digital Media Design was established in 2012 to cultivate product design talents in audio-visual media production and cross-field integration. In response to industrial development and market talent needs, the courses of this department are based on “Cultural Creativity” and cover the two major fields of “Product Design” and "Audio-Video Media," cultivating students with visual aesthetics, innovative product design, 3D computer graphics, and video planning production, digital audio-visual editing and other abilities required for future careers.


I. Development Features

  1. Cultivate cultural and creative business planning and digital design talents with professional capabilities, and create artistic output value in response to the pulse of the times.
  2. Cultivate professionals with digital technology and cultural and creative product design capabilities to effectively spread and display artistic charm.
  3. Cultivate cultural and creative industry professionals with cross-field integration capabilities to promote cultural industry alliances and improve the quality of cultural and creative industries.
  4. Cultivate cultural industry talents with an international perspective to grasp trends, drive corporate humanistic thinking, and assist in industrial transformation and reengineering.


II. Professional Facilities

  The department has visual printing experience workshops, digital audio-visual classrooms, professional studios, professional recording studios, professional audio-visual editing computer classrooms, sketching and painting classrooms, fashion media studios, three-dimensional modeling workshops, 3D printing laboratories, Digital 3D modeling computer classrooms, dry spray booths, and other complete professional application equipment.

  In addition, comprehensive teaching resources and professional equipment are provided for students to borrow, including notebook computers, high-end cameras, and lenses, professional photography tripods, professional radio equipment, digital drawing boards, etc. In addition, education resources include laser engraving machines, CNC engraving machines, 3D printing machines, vacuum forming machines, UV ink direct injection machines, hot stamping machines, embroidery machines, studios, recording studios, and other equipment available for students to use in school.